Catalogue # LBS196CD

Released 2023

$25.00 including P&H

Surrounded By Love

How We Love Before We Leave

Land Of Our Kin

Circle Of Friends

Learn How To Live Again

Time To Fly

Cowgirl Rides Away

Safety In Their Arms

Star Child

We'll Remember You

Cutting Gems Out Of Stone

Dawning Of The New Age

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

To Live In Love And Light

Land Of Our Kin

Catalogue # LBS192CD

Released 2021

$10.00 Digital Download Only

Dawning Of The New Age

Land Of Our Kin

The Old Home's Gone

Cutting Gems Out Of Stone

The Bush Is Still The Same

Learn How To Live Again

Mother Nature And Me

Where Our Heart Lives

Catalogue # LBS185CD

Released 2019

$25.00 including P&H

Where Our Heart Lives

A Thousand Reasons


A Mother As Lovely As You

Traces Of Doubt

Nobody Wanted To Know

Pictures On The Wall

When I Dream

If I Could Fly

You Must Not Quit


Catalogue # LBS160CD

Released 2016

$25.00 including P&H

Hail Australia

North Queensland Skies

Mother Nature and Me



Pride of New England

Farmhouse By The Sea

Just Add Water

Land of the Beardies

Whispering Casuarinas

Who'll Fill His Shoes

Born To Be Free


Catalogue # LBS154CD

Released 2015

$25.00 including P&H

The Rose (Lindsay Butler)

Dreamtime Cathedrals (Justin Standley)

Round and Round (Brian Young)

War Between The States (Noel Parlane)

Life On The Road (Tom Maxwell)

Walking In My Shoes (Dale Duncan)

He's Just The One (Ashley Cook)

Sydney or the Bush (Melissa Bajric)

'Til The Rivers All Run Dry (LBS Singers)

Coming Back Home (Greg Bain)

If We Never Meet Again (Rachel Jillett)

It's So Easy (Mystic Eclipse)

Sing Me Back Home (Peggy Gilchrist)

I Will Love You All My Life (Brian Letton)

Something of a Privilege (Lynette Guest)

After All These Years (Rex Dallas)

Fly (Emma Jene)

Just A Dream Away

Catalogue # LBS142CD

Released 2013

$25.00 including P&H

Spirit Of Australia

Just A Dream Away

Try A Little Kindness

Celtic Blood

Four Strong Winds

Please Say Hi To Grandad

Every Second


Could I Have This Dance

I Won't Take Down Your Picture


I Am Australian

The Journey

Catalogue # LBS129CD

Released 2011

$25.00 including P&H

The Journey

Your Fathers Son

Light Years From Home

Footprints In The Sand

You Can't Wrap Your Arms Around...

Walking Through My Mind

Ready For The Times

I Have A Friend In you

Don't Know Where

Rain Keeps Coming Down

Wama Wanti

Darlin' Billy


Catalogue # LBS116CD

Released 2009

$25.00 including P&H

I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried

Seasons Of Love

In A Little While

He Drives The Nullabor

The Rose

On A Good Day

Box Of Kisses

His Little Shiralee

Let Your Love Flow

Climbing Mountains & Building Bridges

Little White Circle

Living The Dream

Strength Within

Catalogue # LBS101CD

Released 2006

$25 including P&H

Teach Your Children Well


Fiddlers Creek

Lord I’d Forgotten

Walking By My Side

The Door Is Always Open

Why Me Lord

Bundle Of Sticks

Strength Within

Missing You

Old Calare

Beyond Vision

The Songwriter

Catalogue # LBS086CD

Released 2004

$25.00 including P&H

I'm Not Sorry

Let Him Down Easy

Don't Call Me Sweetheart

Back To New England

Too Close To Home

Only A Matter Of Time

Boy In The Neutral Corner

Whitsunday Paradise

Miss Heroin

The Jangle of Spurs

Times of Inbetweens

Be The Best That You Can Be

Bush Girls Dreams

Before I Go

Rainy Day Blues

You And I

I'm Not Crazy At All

You'll Never Know

Saying Goodbye

Hard Calloused Hands (Duet with Brian Letton)

My Way Of Life

Catalogue # LBS079CD

Released 2003

$25.00 including P&H

Be The Best That You Can Be

I’ll Pick Up The Pieces

After All These Years (Duet with Rex Dallas)

Key To The Door

How Lucky I Am

The Ghosts Of Bungendore

Married To The Land

Just My Way Of Life

Someone Like You

Stand On My Own Two Feet Again

The Jangle Of Spurs

Treat Me Like A Woman Tonight

Just For You

Catalogue # LBS056CD

Released 2000

$25.00 including P&H

‘Till I Gain Control Again

The Strength In Us All

Roses In The Winter (with Brian Letton)

One Day At A Time

Somewhere Between

Wind Beneath My Wings

Silver Threads and Golden Needles

Time To Say Goodbye

Amazing Grace

Lay Down Beside Me

Times Of Inbetweens

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Shaza Leigh

Catalogue # LBS040CD

Released 1998

$25.00 including P&H

Woman At The Wheel

Back To New England

Morning Mail

He Says


Rainy Day Blues

I Don’t Wanna Talk About It

I’m Stronger Than I Knew

Bushgirl’s Dreams

You And I

I’ll Never Do That Again

Where Does Love Begin

Too Much Of A Lady

Out of a Shadow

Catalogue # LBS023CD

Released 1995

$25.00 including P&H

 Don’t Call Me Sweetheart

Happy Hour


Grandmothers Secret

The Rock I Lean On

Postpone Today Until Tomorrow

Let Him Down Easy

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now

Before I Go


You’ll Never Be Mine

Already Gone

Reflections On Love

Catalogue # LBS010CD

Released 1992

$25.00 including P&H

It’s All Over Now

Been This Way Before

This Is The Last Time

Lucy, It’s Too Late

You’ll Never Know

Saying Goodbye

It’s So Hard

When The Love Has Gone

Is This How The World Should Be

The Only Love

We’ve All Been There

Too Close To Home


Golden Jubilee

Catalogue # BGP003

Released 2017

$25.00 including P&H

North Queensland Skies (Shaza Leigh)

Desert Dreaming (Lindsay Butler)

Whitsunday Paradise (Lindsay & Waddo)

The Journey (Shaza Leigh)

Daydream Island (Peggy Gilchrist)

The Namoi Flows (Lindsay Butler)

Walking By My Side (Shaza Leigh)

Call Of Kakadu (Peggy Gilchrist)

Peg's Polka (Peggy Gilchrist)

I'm Not Sorry (Shaza Leigh)

Let Him Down Easy (Shaza Leigh)

Just A Dream Away (Shaza Leigh)

Crossroads (Shaza Leigh)

Hail Australia (Shaza Leigh)

Pictures of Australia (Ashley Cook)

Do You Remember (Emma Jene)

The Passing of Time (Fletcher Morley)

Christmas With Jesus Christ (Rachel Jillett)

One Of A Kind (Greg Bain)

Farmhouse By The Sea (Shaza Leigh)

It's So Easy (Mystic Eclipse)

Augusta's Love (Peggy Gilchrist)

The Battered Billy Tin (Brian Letton)

Spirit of Australia (Shaza Leigh)

Lachlan's River Lullaby (Lindsay Butler)

Rainy Day Blues (Shaza Leigh)

Cool Change (Lindsay Waddington)

You'll Never Know (Shaza Leigh)

Missing You (Shaza Leigh)

Tamworth Express (Peggy Gilchrist)

Just My Way Of Life (Shaza Leigh) 

You Must Not Quit (Shaza Leigh)

At Home

Catalogue # BGP001

Released 2012

$25.00 including P&H

Living The Dream (Shaza Leigh)

A Thousand Reasons (Shaza Leigh)

Winter Winds (Lindsay Butler)

A Bushman's Life (Ashley Cook)

Danny Boy (Peggy Gilchrist)

Sometimes (Shaza Leigh)

Happy Whistler (Lindsay Butler)

The Rose (Shaza Leigh & Lindsay Butler)

Tennessee Waltz (Peggy Gilchrist)

Cane Cutters Cordial (Ashley Cook)

Whispering (Lindsay Butler)

How Lucky I Am (Shaza Leigh)

Mad Hatter (Lindsay Butler)

Words (Lindsay Butler)

Beyond Vision (Shaza Leigh)

Ku-Ring-Gai-Chase (Lindsay Butler)

Before I go (Shaza Leigh)

The Early Years

Catalogue # LBSDVD

Released 2009

$25.00 including P&H

Butt's Boogie (Lindsay Butler)

Lassetter's Reef of Gold (Brian Letton)

Let Him Down Easy (Shaza Leigh)

Jambalaya (Lindsay Butler & Norm Bodkin)

Postpone Today Until Tomorrow 

(Shaza Leigh)

Am I That Easy To Forget (Brian Letton)

Yellow Bird (Lindsay Butler)

Woman At The Wheel (Shaza Leigh)

This Land Australia (Brian Letton)

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